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Escala 6 Bare Metal Server HA

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$1,074.00 USD
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$1,074.00 USD

The Intel Xeon Gold 6248R dual-processor architecture offers the highest core density, and very high frequency (4GHz) in boost mode. With our patented water-cooling system, you get consistently high performance.

This platform is particularly well-adapted to big data and Web Analytics processing, complex calculations and massive data processing in real time.

  • Very high frequency processor
  • High-density memory (1.5 TB)
  • Private high-speed network up to 25 Gbps
  • EnNube Link Aggregation (OLA)
  • Dual power supply
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) - 99.99%

Processor:  2x Intel Xeon Gold 6248R - 24c/ 48 t - 3GHz / 4GHz
Storage : NVMe, SATA available
Internet: 1 gbit/s, Unlimited Traffic
Private Network: 6 gbps Unlimited Traffic
Public IP 1
Backup: 500 mb (access only from this server)

*** When contracting without permanence, you must pay a single provisioning charge of $700.00 usd