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Escala 2 Bare Metal Server HA

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$770.00 USD
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$770.00 USD

Equipped with an AMD EPYC Rome processor with 32 high-frequency cores, this server offers very high performance and advanced security features via its AMD Infinity architecture. Like all servers in the Scale range, it has a redundant power supply and network.

The L3 cache is twice as large (256 MB) in comparison to the cache on the SCALE-1 server’s EPYC 7402 processor, but it offers a slightly lower frequency. This makes the server perfectly adapted for Analytics, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and computer-aided engineering applications (CAE, CFD and FEA).

  • Dedicated system disks
  • Advanced security features
  • Private high-speed network up to 25 Gbps
  • EnNube Link Aggregation (OLA)
  • Dual power supply
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) - 99.99%

Processor:  AMD Epyc 7532 - 32c/64t - 2.4GHz/3.3GHz
Storage : NVMe, SATA disponibles
Internet : 1 gbit/s, tráfico ilimitado
Private Network : 6 gbps ilimitado
Public IP: 1
Backup: 500 mb (accesible solo desde este servidor)

*** When contracting without permanence, you must pay a single provisioning charge of $500.00 usd