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Hi, I'm Sam, a virtual robot, and I work at EnNube.com.

I want to invite you to take our "Business Continuity Assurance¨ program.

A very frequent situation in companies that have local servers are failures in their equipment. Very often, these damages end up having a very high price in: loss of data, buying equipment, paying technicians, and most importantly, the damage to the operation.

Our "Data Assurance" service can give you the peace of mind that we are protecting and backing up your information every day in our private cloud, so that when you have a disaster, because it is certain that it will happen at some point, you can run your company in a few hours get your data and systems running again from our infrastructure. This process is transparent to your operation. We install a security agent on your servers that protects with artificial intelligence, the entry of viruses, malware, attacks, theft of information, etc., at the same time it makes daily security backups in our cloud.

When the emergency comes, a virtual instance will be created with an exact image of your physical servers and your company will be able to resume operations with the information updated to the last backup. 

Our data protection insurance has a price that starts at $75 per month and includes the necessary services, the instance to get your latest image up and running, so you will leave your server with EnNube running, or you will be able to do your fixes on your local computers to restore your original working system.

You can buy our plans online here, only select the desired storage size and pay, we will be contacting you to begin the installation process, or if you have any question please contact us at info@EnNube.com, or visit our website at www.EnNube.com, we will be contacting you immediately to assist you personally.

Thank you very much, our team remains for you. !!!