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Long Term Storage - Cloud Archive

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    Whether for business or other needs, it is often necessary to retain information for the long term. It is important to take into account two aspects: on the one hand, the cost of storage, which must be reduced; on the other, the security and recovery of the data, which must be guaranteed. EnNube's Cloud Archive solution has been specially designed to meet these two requirements.

    • Safe and reliable: EnNube pays special attention to the treatment of archived data: each file is fragmented and stored several times in a redundant infrastructure. Each chunk is written to a different storage unit, and data integrity is permanently guaranteed by a system. In this way, if a fragment is detected to be missing, it is automatically reconstructed through a specific algorithm that uses the other parts of the file.
    • Reversible and standard: For EnNube, the freedom of its users is paramount. By entrusting us with your data, we guarantee the possibility of recovering it through standard and easy-to-use protocols, such as SCP or rsync.
    • Low cost: The storage clusters that host Cloud Archive are designed to protect your data at the lowest cost. The architecture on which they are based offers a data recovery period that can range between 10 minutes and 12 hours, depending on the date of the last

    • Log archiving: The conservation of logs, whether for legal, archival or statistical purposes, is particularly important and therefore requires special attention. Traditional systems do not usually keep this data beyond a few days or, in the best of cases, a few weeks. However, by saving your files to Cloud Archive, you are guaranteed to keep them for as long as you want.
    • Backups: In current architectures, there are different methods to perform daily backups. Whether it's keeping operating systems or applications safe, these methods often use widely used secure protocols like SCP or rsync.
    • Replacement of magnetic tapes: Due to its low price, magnetic tape archiving has long been the storage system par excellence. Currently, Cloud Archive offers a response to the same conservation needs as magnetic tapes, but in a much more flexible way and at a very competitive price, thus becoming the perfect substitute.

    How to Use

    • Upload files: rsync -av archive.tar.gz pca@ovh:repo/
    • Download files: rsync -av pca@ovh:repo/archive.tar.gz.


    • Swift API: The storage solution used in Cloud Archive clusters is OpenStack Swift. Its standard API can be used directly from traditional tools.
    • SSH-based protocols: In addition to access via the Swift API, it is also possible to use common tools for data transfer, such as SFTP, SCP and rsync.
    • Large files: Cloud Archive allows you to store both small objects and very large files, with no size limit. It is possible to save documents of several TB.
    • Checksum: Cloud Archive file metadata automatically incorporates an MD5 signature in order to ensure the integrity of transferred items.
    • File Expiration: Files can have an expiration date as an attribute. In that case, the files will be deleted on that date.