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AGR-STORE-1 High Range and Mass Storage

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$1,860.00 USD
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$1,860.00 USD

The AGR-STOR-1 dedicated servers offer some of the best storage-price ratios on the market for uses such as archiving, big data or even the storage of very high definition video files. Available in 24 and 36 disks, they allow you to store, preserve and back up more than 500 TB of data.

Like all High-end dedicated servers, this platform offers numerous advantages, including a very high-speed redundant network (up to 50 Gb/s) to interconnect your servers and services, hot swap disks and dual power electrical.

Processor: 2x Intel Xeon 4214R - 12c/ 24 t - 2.4GHz / 3.5GHz
Storage : NVMe, SATA available
Public Network : 1000 Mbit/s, unlimited traffic
Private Network : 10 GB unlimited
Public IP Address: 1

*** You can only contract this server with a minimum permanence contract of 6 months.