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Advanced 5 - Bare Metal Server Gen II

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$501.00 USD
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$501.00 USD

This server is equipped with next-gen technology, which makes it perfect for deploying virtualised environments, like VMware — or containerisation environments, such as Docker.

Along with enhanced computing power, you will also get high levels of public and private bandwidth. For distributed architectures, you can enable the EnNube Link Aggregation (OLA) network feature to increase your server’s availability.

Integrated at the silicon level, AMD Infinity Guard has many advanced security features necessary to defend against today's sophisticated attacks.

Processor: AMD Epyc 7413 - 24c/48t - 2.65GHz/3.6GHz
Storage : NVMe, SATA available
Internet : 1000 Mbit/s, unlimited traffic
Private network : 2000 mbps unlimited
Public IP: 1
Backup: 500 mb (accessible only from this server)

*** When contracting without permanence, you must pay a unique fee of $350.00 usd